We-heart.com shows Drowning in a Sea of Infinite Meaning


Yeah, we-heart.com has picked up on the FreshFaced+WildEyed2013 exhibition. Here’s what the write:


A selection of top talents from UK visual arts courses have been selected to exhibit their images as winners of the FreshFaced+WildEyed 2013 competition, set up to give extra exposure to recently graduated photography majors.


The Photographers’ Gallery is hosting 22 of the best and brightest BA and MA grads who donned the mortar board in the past year, a lucky few picked from over 300 hopefuls by a panel of experts including TPG director Brett Rogers and The Independent art critic Zoe Pilger. Smiling seems to be out of favour in the comp’s sixth year; apart from the Babestation lass who’s presumably celebrating the end of her shift, it’s a serious and sad collection for the most part, but nevertheless compelling in the extreme. Political unrest, the legacy of war, the fine line between swimming and drowning – the subject matter is ostensibly grim, but the results are full of energy. That’s life, one might say. The internationally diverse students are taking over the London gallery from 9th to 21st July.


See the visual presentation on their website: we-heart.com