Andrew Revell on FreshFaced&WildEyed2013


My series “Drowning in a Sea of Infinite Meaning” has been selected for FreshFaced&WildEyed 2013 a graduate show at London’s most prestigious photography gallery “The Photographers’ Gallery”. Andrew Revell has visited the show and notes the following regarding my conceptual piece:


A series of elegant seascapes that allows your eye to be guided around the image with the waves until you suddenly land on what seems to be a human figure. The sudden confusion, the demand for more information is the same as in Robert Capa’s Spanish soldier; is it staged? Is it real but there’s no danger? Is someone dying before us? Would having answers to these questions affect how we judge the images?


By hiding these questions in an all-but abstract sea that you will naturally know to be wary of, frothing and changeable as it is, you find yourself to be the person in the image as well as the viewer of it. Clever, well-made, well-presented…A definite highlight.


Have a look at his work and read the full article on his website: