K. Hoell


9. August 2020
Written by: Kristin Hoell

Here’s a little collection of virtual visual journeys, in case you need some mental travel distraction right now.

Arizona: khoell-arizona.tumblr.com

Australia: khoell-australia.tumblr.com

China: khoell-china.tumblr.com

Copenhagen: khoell-copenhagen.tumblr.com

Iceland: khoell-iceland.tumblr.com

Istanbul: khoell-istanbul.tumblr.com

New York City: khoell-nyc.tumblr.com

New Zealand: khoell-aotearoa.tumblr.com

Paris: khoell-paris.tumblr.com

Philippines: khoell-philippines.tumblr.com

Poland: khoell-poland.tumblr.com

Sardinia: khoell-sardinia.tumblr.com

Switzerland: khoell-switzerland.tumblr.com

US-Westcoast: khoell-westcoast.tumblr.com

Venice: khoell-venice.tumblr.com


Leuchtturm Hiddensee in der Abenddämmerung

Lighthouse Hiddensee by Kristin Hoell

Kristin Hoell is a visual artist and photographer. Her works have been shown in solo and group shows throughout Europe. Prints are available: info@kristinhoell.com