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Exploring the Swiss Mountains

17. Juni 2019
Written by: Kristin Hoell

When I think of Switzerland, something in the back of my mind starts yodeling immediately. „Holadio, Holadio“. 

Whenever I was sick at home as a kid I would watch Heidi – instant recovery guaranteed. As soon as Klara started walking and I had shed some tears, I was up and running again, too. 

I have been in love with the mountains and life close to nature up the Alm ever since. Nature, love, faith. That’s really all you need in life. Thanks for that early lesson, Johanna Spyri.

Climber Swiss Alps by Kristin Hoell

Swiss Alps by Kristin Hoell

Childhood Dream Come True

Visiting Switzerland was definitely a childhood dream come true. All I ever got to see and experience as a child was the Baltic Sea. Hence the obsession with water in my artworks. The mountains seemed far out of reach for a really long time. I saw the Alps from a distance a couple of times when I was travelling to South France. I saw huge mountains when I was backpacking through New Zealand’s South Island. Lord of the Ring’s country. Still, those weren’t the mountains that I wanted to see. Little wooden houses surrounded by lush greens, contrasted by snowy mountain caps, are still my inner vision of proper mountainsides.  

Mountains in Switzerland by Kristin Hoell

Mountains in Switzerland by Kristin Hoell

Travelling Takes You Places

Finally, when I was 20 years old I made a friend who is from Switzerland. We met each other in a hostel in New York. You’ve probably heard the saying „Travelling takes you places“. Yes, it takes you to new places, but then these places might actually take you to other unexpected places (unless you’re a complete hermit whilst on the road and you don’t talk to anyone). I personally love making friends when I’m abroad. That’s why I usually travel on my own. It makes it easier to be open to new people. It’s great to welcome them my new worldly acquaintances in Berlin and show them around. It’s equally great to visit them wherever they might live. That’s how I finally got to see the Swiss Alps from an insider perspective. 

National Holiday Switzerland by Kristin Hoell

Switzerland in Black and White

If you’re a regular reader on this blog you might know some of my little travel sites already. I am creating these pages to give my older photographs a space to be seen. Hopefully, you enjoy this virtual journey with lots of photos from the area around Lucerne. If it inspires you to visit Switzerland in real life, please do send me a postcard: https://khoell-switzerland.tumblr.com/

Switzerland by Kristin Hoell

Mountainside by Kristin Hoell

Kristin Hoell is a visual artist and photographer who is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her works have been shown in solo and group shows throughout Europe. Prints are available: info@kristinhoell.com

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