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Visual Stroll in Springtime

1. April 2019
Written by: Kristin Hoell

New York City is a beautiful place to explore, no matter the season. Most people love it in the fall when the Indian Summer paints everything in colourful hues. Autumn in NYC has its own particular flavour. The heat of hot sweaty summer days still lingers amidst the skyscrapers whilst a thick atmosphere of melancholy slowly casts its shadow into the soft autumnal sunlight.

Spring Blossoming at every turn

Quite the opposite is happening in spring. I have never experienced spring anywhere else as vibrantly as I have in New York City. Almost overnight the cold of winter is being replaced by a rapid blossoming at every turn. When I think of New York in spring I am always reminded of a wonderful short poem by photographer Gordon Parks which beautifully sums up the vibe. I spotted a public projection of it downtown during one of the first warm spring nights in NYC a couple of years ago. 

In these odd moments
Love gathered like butterflies
On soft-beating wings
Puzzling moments,
Understood only by those who lived them

~ Gordon Parks

Dream yourself away 

Many things in life we might not be able to experience ourselves – nor would we want to. Fortunately, photography can offer an entry point into other people’s experiences, good or bad. Anyone who’s lucky enough to possess a healthy dose of empathy and a proper portion of imagination can put him- or herself into the shoes of the photographer. Thereby getting a glimpse into a whole different world. 

That’s why I love being able to share my travel experiences with you via photography. I know that travel adventures aren’t for everyone. I feel very blessed that I have had (and hopefully keep on having) so many opportunities to discover this beautiful planet. Therefore I am really happy to share my travel photography with you here on the blog and on my Instagram page (@kristin.hoell)

Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to venture out and experience the places that you’ve always longed to see. If you ever happen to be visiting Manhattan in spring, make sure to cross the East River to visit Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It’s a real treasure of beauty. Magnolia’s stand proud in full bloom, cherry trees exude heavenly fragrances, people enjoy themselves outside. 

Virtual Stroll through Prospect Park

The old adamant saying that pictures often times do manage to say more than a thousand words usually holds true. For that reason, I will just leave you now with a visual stroll through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Have a wonderfully inspired springtime full of joy and love.


Three photos of magnolia blossom in New York City

A boy sits on a tree stump and enjoys the sunshine in Prospect Park

People enjoy the springtime in Prospect Park, NYC

A horseback rider takes a break in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Three photos of a kite up in the air in front of a blue spring sky

A dancer amidst trees in Prospect Park, NYC

Magnolias in bloom in Brooklyn

A man walks in Prospect Park amidst blossoming trees

Young baseball player in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC

Impressions from Prospect Park in Spring

Prints available: info@kristinhoell.com

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