K. Hoell

Here’s a little collection of virtual visual journeys, in case you need some mental travel distraction right now. Arizona: khoell-arizona.tumblr.com Australia: khoell-australia.tumblr.com China: khoell-china.tumblr.com Copenhagen: khoell-copenhagen.tumblr.com Iceland: khoell-iceland.tumblr.com Istanbul: khoell-istanbul.tumblr.com New York City: khoell-nyc.tumblr.com New Zealand: khoell-aotearoa.tumblr.com Paris: khoell-paris.tumblr.com Philippines: khoell-philippines.tumblr.com Poland: khoell-poland.tumblr.com Sardinia: khoell-sardinia.tumblr.com Switzerland: khoell-switzerland.tumblr.com US-Westcoast: khoell-westcoast.tumblr.com Venice: khoell-venice.tumblr.com  

9. August 2020
Exploring the Swiss Mountains

When I think of Switzerland, something in the back of my mind starts yodeling immediately. „Holadio, Holadio“.  Whenever I was sick at home as a kid I would watch Heidi – instant recovery guaranteed. As soon as Klara started walking and I had shed some tears, I was up and running again, too.  I have been …

17. Juni 2019
A Selfie from the Other Side of the World

It’s summer 2005. We are in New Zealand, and the world is very different. If you want to use the internet in a hostel you have to pay money to use the computer, and you have to be patient, very patient. The connection is slow. Wifi doesn’t exist. Every other week or so you send …

20. Mai 2019
To mobile or not to mobile

I love mobile photography. I love it so much! Do I need to repeat? Yes, I’m a professional photographer. During years of study, I learned my ropes in the darkroom, developed my own rolls of black and white film and printed my favourite shots. I do possess expensive high-tech-camera-equipment for commissioned work. But I have …

6. Mai 2019
Visual Stroll in Springtime

New York City is a beautiful place to explore, no matter the season. Most people love it in the fall when the Indian Summer paints everything in colourful hues. Autumn in NYC has its own particular flavour. The heat of hot sweaty summer days still lingers amidst the skyscrapers whilst a thick atmosphere of melancholy …

1. April 2019
Losing Photographs, Making Memories

Every photographers‘ nightmare happened to me in Iceland. I was there in October 2012 to develop new work at SIM Residency. At first, my camera started developing a mysterious life of her own. She would stop working mid-shot and just stay in some sort of limbo state. Alternatively, she would start shutting off at random. …

20. März 2019